About us

The Farm is wholly owned by Prof. and Mrs Allan Kwesi Asante – Yeboah. It is situated and operational in Akuakrom, six kilometres from Effiduasi. Its modus operandi is centred on animal husbandry with an emphasis on 13 species of animals. One of these species is considered as a project within the entire operation of the farm; the Ostrich Project. This project is a partnership between Mena Adoma Farms and the Family of Prof. Frimpong Boateng. The farm was established in the year 2008 in the twenty-first century. The idea was mooted by its founder based on his ingenuity and creativity coupled with the implementation of FRUGAL innovative capabilities. The farm employs employees from diverse cultural settings. 

We currently have developed, cultured and nurtured our birds in varied species. As limited liability entity, the Farm has broadened its tentacles with crop farming in all year round with intensification application of modern methods of farming in an irrigated environment.

The husbandry houses the following:

• Birds
These include Poultry, Guinea Fowl, Ducks and Geese, Turkey, Doves, Ostrich and Quail

• Ruminants
They constitute Goat, Sheep

. Monogastric

. Rabbits

• Fish Farming
At least, five ponds are available in the farm containing Cat Fish and Tilapia

• Crop Farming
It consists of Maize, Cassava, Coconut, Plantain and other Vegetables such as Garden Eggs and Pepper

• Others
Unique species like Crab, Snail and other bush animals are available.
Value chain
1. To provide healthy carcass, we have established within our outfit, an abattoir where products from the farm are processed, sealed and kept in a sanitary condition; a well established cold store furnished with efficient refrigerators. 
2. Retail outlet where farm products are sold at an affordable rate.
3. Pools of incubators have been assembled to sustain our supply chain. In all, 30,000 birds can be hatched within a week – that is our operational capacity.The farm covers an area of 43 hectres.